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In Yong Sheng we always put the individual person in focus, both with regards to employees and customers as well as other people who get in touch with our company. We believe that our company will financially benefit in the long term from good working conditions for our employees and from keeping a high profile in the “green” work with sustainability.

We often organize company events to increase the team spirit which we believe will enhance our production efficiency. We believe that constant development is a vital part of any company´s survival and therefore we organize training programs for our employees each year and we re-invest a large share of our profits in R&D as well as in our production equipment.

All people involved in our organization, including our sub-suppliers, should be aware of and share our core values:

Exceed expectations

  • We should always try to perform better than expected of us.
  • Our business model holds us accountable for achieving results – we must produce value and continually improve ourselves to exceed the expectations of our customers

Easily accessible

  • Everybody in our organization should be easy to get hold of.
  •  If the responsible person is not available, someone else should handle the matter

Clear, swift and transparent information

  • All information, good or bad, should immediately be available for all involved so that accurate decisions can be made.
  • All tasks given to us should be supervised and replied to without delay.
  • We should be simple and straightforward in our communication to avoid misunderstandings.
  • All information which is not bound by confidentiality should be transparent and open.

Team spirit and creativity

  • We should encourage individual initiatives and stimulate creative thinking.
  • We should have a positive team spirit and act to create a positive working atmosphere.

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